Emoji  Face masks are all the (terrifying) rage  

Written by FDM

A brand of beauty products has decided to make one epic product our of two of the world’s biggest obsessions: emojis and face masks.  

According to Allure, Taiwan-based Petite Amie Skincare brand  has released a new collection of emoji face masks. And they’re the perfect combination of fun and useful.

Indeed, they are suitable for all skin types, and each facial-emoji has different properties- generally matching the emoji they’re emulating. The scared face emoji mask (aka, the “Scream Masque”) features an “extra-lifting face treatment” suitable for all skin types, while the one  with the angry emoji (aka, the “Cooling Masque”),  soothes the face after a day in the sun.

Plus, they come with a bonus; once on your face, they’re perfect for terrifying your roommates or partner. They are all available on the brand website for $10 or $12 US.

Here’s an idea on how they look like on: