Cellublue, The Anti-Cellulite Method

Written by FDM

Known thanks to its iconic anti-cellulite suction cup, Cellublue is a French brand, which stands out for its unique positioning today around 3 areas of expertise: cellulite, slimming, and stretch marks.

The Cellublue anti-cellulite method, which reproduces the palpate-roll to eliminate all types of cellulite, consists of 3 inseparable products: a massage oil, an anti-cellulite suction cup, and an orange peel massager.

The slimming products have an action of destocking fats by helping to burn fatty deposits and to refine the silhouette either by cosmetic action (with active ingredients) or by mechanical action (with a device, vibrations, a massage).

Cellublue products are composed on average of more than 90% of ingredients of natural origin in textures combining pleasure and performance and are equipped with trendy and colorful packaging.

The brand is now available in Morocco in Beauty Success stores.