Benefits of Nature in a Solid Deodorant

Written by FDM

Formulated with natural and vegan ingredients, without aluminum salts, parabens, alcohol, baking soda, or alum stone, this solid deodorant respects the skin’s natural toxin elimination functions.

Not only does this effective deodorant camouflage bad odors, but it also neutralizes them by eliminating the bacteria which are responsible for them. Its moisturizing formula does not irritate sensitive skin and leaves a non-greasy and silky feel. Not to mention its very pleasant and long-lasting scents: Orange blossom, Lychee & Blood orange; Fressia, Rose & Frangipani; Lavender, Amber & Palmarosa; Cypress, Rosemary & Tea Tree. All in zero-waste packaging!

Natural Deodorant, Natur’Im. 30 g, 105 DH. Orders via IG: naturimcosmetics, Whatsapp at and