Easy ways to make your home cozy

Written by Souad El Mghari

Acquiring or renting a house and having a place you can call your own is a great step in anyone’s life. However, making it a home, and a warm one, is what matters the most.

Either you want to go traditional with your decorating esthetic or modern; making your home cozy should always be a priority. Be it for yourself, so that every time you step inside your house it feels like your own, or so that your guests feel welcome, a cozy and warm home is a must.

And here are a few easy ways to achieve it.

A comfy sitting area. Whether it is a big sofa, or just a chair in the corner of your living room or bedroom, the fuzzier, squishier, and softer it is the better.

 Have a throw on your bed, on your sofa. A throw is a magic item, that as soon as you literally throw it on your sofa or bed, the cozier the room gets. Maybe it is because it sort of invites you to lie down, cover up, and even have a little sleep.

There is no such a thing as too many pillows. Even if there are so many, that you don’t have a space to sit, having many pillows (which don’t need to match), adds warmth to your place.

Lighting is everything: candles.
More than just creating a romantic atmosphere, adding candles or a tame light, warms up a room instantly

Use warm colors for your furniture. Mostly in warm tones, the furniture however should not be matchy-matchy.

Have a dark wall (with paint or wall paper). It might seem too daring, however for the sake of a warmer room, it might be worth the try.

Decorate the room. In addition to a cozy carpet, the room should have the things that you love; photos, books, flowers… that would fill it, and reflect your life and personality.