This is the most favorite make up product by Moroccan women

Written by FDM

A new study by Moroccan marketing company “Digital Data marketing” shows that out of 328 women, around 40 percent favor lipstick over other cosmetic products.

The studies also suggest that 32 percent of the respondents said mascara was their favorite, while 6 percent of them preferred blush the most. 18 percent of women said they applied nail polish most regularly.

The survey, conducted by “Wemoove”, included a bunch of other studies. For instance the budget spent on beauty products by Moroccan women . It’s been showed that more than 50 percent spend a total of MAD 100 monthly while 32 percent buy between MAD 100 and 200 worth of cosmetics.

The study also found that more than 40 percent of those surveyed spend less than 10 minutes a day applying cosmetics while 23 percent spend between 10 and 20 minutes.