The surprisingly trendy lipstick color for spring

Written by Souad El Mghari

Aside from the bright spring classic lipstick colors that we all got accustomed to going for, there is a new (unexpected) shade in the block this season, and it’s gold.

With shimmer being a major fashion trend for spring 2015, the beauty world has had its own take on it, which was translated into gold lipstick. Generally fitted for a warmer skin tone when worn on its own, this color could work as well when layered on top of another lipstick color, like pink.

As an organic continuity to the wave of the nude make up, the gold lipstickhappens to be very flattering, as it has this “magic power” of making one’s lips look fuller, in other words; better pouting.

It definitely is a risky choice, however it’s usually one that pays off. It’s worth a try.