The magic Moroccan henna lipstick

Written by Souad El Mghari

In a not so flattering, neither modern green tube, comes the unconventional (to some) Henna lipstick. Another Moroccan cosmetic product whose numerous qualities are often described as too good to be true.

Some call it the Henna lipstick, and others the Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick, however the Moroccans knew this intriguing beauty product as “Bouss matkhafch” (“Don’t worry, just kiss” in Moroccan slang). A funny name that it earned, thanks to its quality of being non-stick (seriously non-stick).

Having also a long-lasting effect; of around 24 hours, and a characteristic of reacting differently to each one’s lips, and each one’s skin tone, thus the color that comes out of it; with pinkish reddish hues, varies from a person to another, this lipstick is a true enigma to the west, who has just started noticing it a couple of years ago. 

Popular in Morocco, mainly in the 90’s, I personally remember always being intrigued by this “magic stick”, that I would find in my mother’s makeup case, especially because of its green external color, that wasn’t so appealing, especially to a little girl.

Even though there is no concrete proof that there is any actual henna in this lipstick, thus not clarifying the reason why it is so long lasting, its color change however has a simple explanation. Containing the synthetic dye Red 27, when the stick comes in contact with the skin moisture, it reacts to the pH balance and temperature of your lips, which causes the color change. This reaction to the skin’s acidity thus justifies the variance in hue from person to person.

Nowadays, sold on eBay (among other rare places), the Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick, which was tried by the fashion and beauty worlds’ movers and shakers; as Leandra Medine and Marie Claire, can sometimes contain Argan oil, making it then a moisturizing lipstick (jackpot).