Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial by Zaina Aguenaou

Written by Souad El Mghari

In response to her followers’ request, Moroccan beauty blogger Zaina Aguenaou just released a makeup tutorial of one of the trendiest beauty looks of the moment, the Kylie Jenner signature look.

Considered as the go-to makeup for style icon Kylie Jenner, and perfect one for a winter may we add, here is a video tutorial of one of the hottest beauty trends of the moment; the Brown Lip Makeup.

Zaina Aguenaou is a fun loving young Moroccan woman, who has transformed her love for makeup and beauty into a “growing career”.

Recently a finalist on the beauty show “Miss Webelline” broadcasted on the web, Zaina’s passion for makeup started long ago, when she came across some popular Youtubers through their tutorial videos. Later becoming her friends’ beauty advisor, it was them who suggested the young woman to share her expertise through blogging.

A true marketing and graphics fan, in addition to shooting her own videos, Zaina edits them in a fun way that totally reflects her personality.