5 things you should avoid doing to have a flawless skin

Written by Amal Asebriy

Having a flawless skin is not always about things you should do, but most of the times it is about certain things you shouldn’t.  Gestures  we believe to be effective, or the ones we do not pay attention to, but do us harm. Come on, let’s  get rid of these nasty fads!

#1. Skipping makeup removal:

Why you should never forget to remove your makeup before bed? well, after a long day running different tasks, air pollution and different wastes accumulate on your skin throughout the day, which can clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. In response, the pores widen up and start exuding excess sebum. Then pimples start to pop up often along with irritation and a dull complexion. Besides, you wouldn’t want to stain your pillow with makeup would you?

#2. Scratching off pimples:

Watch out for this big disclaimer: The tips of your nails carry on a tremendous amount of bacteria  that would lodge in your skin once you touch it,  and develop onto other blemishes. The best thing to do actually is to it be (they fade away a lot sooner this way), or treat them with an anti-imperfection lotion. You would do yourself a big favor by just avoiding touching the face so often make contact with potentially dirty objects.

#3. Using Tap water:

It is somewhat unexpected, but tap water has a negative effect on your skin. In fact, it contains a much too high rate of limestone which tends to dry out the skin. When it loses its natural water, the skin becomes dull. As a solution, we suggest  using a spray of thermal water or a tonic lotion in order to eliminate the remaining traces of limestone.

#4. Skipping hydration:

It is about time you actually consider  putting  something on your skin before foundation. And the most appropriate would be, yes you guessed it … moisturizer! Why you ask? well simply because the skin naturally dries out during the day. So to help maintain the water in your skin, you should treat it to a daily bath of hydration. Meticulously applying a moisturizing cream on the mornings as well as evenings.

#5. Overworking your skin:

You were probably not ready for this one, but here us out. Pampering one’s skin is important, but to do so excessively will not solve any problems. In fact, the skin will response to this surplus of information by rebelling. And this is when it becomes shiny (produce sebum in large quantities) or worse, reactive. The best thing to do in this case is to choose for the appropriate routine for your skin type, and stick with it. Moreover, reduce the usage of scrubs and masks into once per week.