Yves Saint Laurent creates a “Caftan” fragrance

Written by Souad El Mghari

As a part of its latest fragrance range “Le Vestiaire des Parfums”; French luxury fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent just launched a perfume named after the iconic “Caftan”.

Based on the reinterpretation and celebration of some of Yves Saint Laurent’s most iconic wardrobe pieces, the brand’s recent fragrance range “Le Vestiaire des Parfums” is a collection of five perfumes; each with distinctive ingredients for a distinct scent signature.

After years of creating iconic pieces for the sophisticated woman’s wardrobe, French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent just added to its heritage a new kind of wardrobe; the “perfume” one.

The trench, Saharienne, Caban, Tuxedo, and of course Caftan are what gave “Le Vestiaire des Parfums” that YSL stamp. Each one of them characterized by its own fragrance; the “Caftan” perfume is said to have an exotic signature (just like in fashion), “highlighted by notes of incense and benzoin”.