How to make your own Moroccan wedding blanket pillow

Written by FDM

In order for you to get not only a Moroccan inspired interior, but also a boho chic décor, there is no better way to do it than adding some bohemian accents; like the “Moroccan Wedding Blanket”, or just a pillow made out of it.

Probably the trendiest décor influences of the moment are the Moroccan and bohemian inspired ones. And lately there is nothing more stylish than a home that has some boho accents in it. Unique accents, which in addition to looking chic, have the ability to make your interior warmer and cozier.

Therefore, to achieve the Moroccan inspired décor, you have two options, you either splurge for some unique pieces, or if you are unable to shop for them, you can always make your own, just the same way as blogger Erin of Earnest Home Co did for her DIY “Moroccan Wedding blanket pillow”.


So let’s take you through, this “Arts & crafts” project or DIY, that might give your interior a little more personality.

First of all, here are the materials you will need (or anything similar):

  • Two Natural Muslin Dinner Napkins – these will form the pillow body.
  • Natural cotton fringe.
  • Mohair Trim.
  • Spool Sequin Trim.

And here are the steps to follow (according to interior design expert Erin of Earnest Home Co)

  • Lay out one of your dinner napkins and cut all trims to the width of the napkin. You can use for it as many rows of sequins as you would like.



  • Using your pins, secure each of your sections of trim to the napkin.
  • After all trims are secured to the napkin, sew right over the tops of them, securing them to the napkin.
  • After all of the trims are sewn to one napkin, lay it flat on your workspace with the trims up.  Cut the OTHER napkin in half and layer it on top of the trim napkin as shown below.  The finished edge of the napkin should be overlapping in the center and facing down (toward the trims).



  • Pin the two napkins together all around the edge then sew in a square from the edge all of the way around the napkin. You can barely see my stitch line since it matches the napkin, so the stitching is seen (below) in a blue dotted line below.


  • When your pillow is sewn, flip it right side out.



  • And Voilà.