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Film Director Narjiss Nejjar Mourns the Death of Her 18-year-old Son

Written by FDM

The film director has just lost her son, Soufiane, aged barely 18, in a car accident.

Director Mohamed Mouftakir broke the news with touching words posted on his Facebook account.

“All my condolences to our dear friend and colleague, Narjiss Nejjar, who has just lost her only son, Soufiane, in a terrible car accident. This little 18-year-old. This dynamic and enthusiast child who likes to challenge the adult that I am, by simulating small martial arts fights ”, the director of ‘the orchestra of the blind ” wrote.

A few hours after this sad announcement, Narjiss Nejjar expressed herself on her Instagram account.

“My prince, my warrior, the man of my life… 17 years of happiness…Went in peace. I know you will continue to watch over me like you always have. I love you more than this life that has taken you from me. Thank you all for your words, your affection, I do not have the strength to answer you for the moment,” wrote the director.

According to reports, Soufiane Nejjar was in the driver’s seat. The accident took place on August 10, 2021. It was also noted that Narjiss adopted Soufiane Nejjar when he was 2 years old.

The director who became known by her film “les yeux secs” received condolences from people in the industry, as well as from Moroccan netizens.