The unexpected accessory trend this season

Written by Souad El Mghari

While not long ago, a lot of you ladies made it a head piece of choice that could go from a pin up look to a more boyish style, the bandana is back in style, and has gotten a new life and a new role.

With the latest way fashion designers and street style stars are styling it, this 90’s accessory is going strong this season, and the way to wear it is; around your neck. Which might be the only way left to wear it; remember we used it as a head scarf, a hear band, a scrunchy, as a strapless top (you know you did), and some even used to wrap it around their legs.

However, this latest bandana trend is pretty cool. A great way to save up on buying necklaces, wrapping this classic around one’s neck can take an outfit from “boring” to “In”.

So, in case you didn’t get the memo yet, here are some fresh ideas on wearing your bandana.