Moroccan winter décor

Written by Souad El Mghari

One of the fun things about changing seasons is the ability to change your home’s décor and interior accordingly. In addition to the obvious adding of throws, and candles, there is another way to do it, by going Moroccan.

In addition to being one of the trendiest interior design inspirations of the moment, Moroccan décor has also become more versatile that we could have ever imagined

In that sense, and with the use of one’s imagination it is astonishing how much Morocco-inspired furniture items could fit every season, especially winter. First and foremost, the Moroccan wedding blanket is the ultimate cold weather detail; be it in the bedroom or the living room, then comes the Moroccan rug that is so cozy that it can instantly warm up a space, so can the kilim pillows, and Moroccan designer lanterns.

Actually, the best way to inspire you for Moroccan winter décor is by looking at the photos below., and check it out there is even a Moroccan wedding blanket inspired Christmas tree skirt. Enjoy.


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Photos from: MMontague, DesignSponge, Rue