Little details you could add to your bedroom to give it a Moroccan feel

Written by Souad El Mghari

Adding a Moroccan touch to any room in your house is not anymore reserved for the bohemian style addict. When done right, the Moroccan styled room can be extremely sophisticated.

No one wants to live in a boring, lifeless bedroom, right? In that case adding some personality to the most personal space in one’s home should be the right thing to do. Trendy, and yet timeless the Moroccan esthetic can pump up a room’s décor instantly, thus here are a few (simple) ideas that could come in handy.

A Moroccan inspired hanging lamp


Morocco patterned art


Moroccan inspired headboard


Moroccan silver mirror


Morocco stenciled ceiling


Moroccan wedding blanket used as a bed throw


Moroccan blanket cushion 


Moroccan accent table 


Moroccan rug