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Women’s health: prejudices and shortage of medical information 

Written by FDM

The Moroccan Association of Autoimmune Diseases (AMMAIS), chaired by Dr. Khadija Moussayer, warns about the inadequacies and stereotypes in information and medical awareness campaigns concerning women on the occasion of the day international women’s day. This has negative consequences on their health. explanations

Two examples of lack of awareness campaigns show this inadequacy. According to Dr. Khadija Moussayer, the first is autoimmune diseases, a female evil ignored while it affects, however, one woman out of six.

” Autoimmune diseases – a hundred pathologies – affect women in 75% of cases! They share the same origin: a dysfunction of the immune system which, normally responsible for protecting the body from external aggressions (viruses, bacteria …), will be mistaken for an enemy by attacking our own organs. Therapeutic strategies are often close. It is estimated that the number of women with autoimmune diseases is twice as high as that of women with breast cancer and almost one and a half times higher than those affected by coronary heart disease! ” Moussayer alarmed.

The other pathology that affects women is myocardial infarction. Awareness campaigns, especially in the Maghreb region, are associated with the image of a mature man. Yet, the practitioner insists, “women now account for 56% of myocardial deaths worldwide. The health staff still neglect too quickly the hypothesis of a heart attack facing the discomfort of a female patient and her chest pain, to relate it with anxiety disorders (the famous feminine psychosomatic weakness!).”  The prejudices and “gender” stereotypes still, recalls Dr. Moussayer, don’t serve as explanations when it comes to this type of health issues.