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Women’s clinic, the clinic that takes care of the intimate lives of women of all ages

Written by FDM

Women’s Clinic is expanding its offer of multidisciplinary services. In addition to the care of infertility, its specialty, through its center of excellence, renamed Africa Fertility Center, the clinic has just integrated a new center dedicated to gyneco-aesthetics.

Specialized in taking care of the health of women from adolescence to menopause, the Women’s Clinic is launching a multitude of new techniques dedicated to the private parts of women. The aim is to respond to a growing demand for more. “The goal is to provide effective and targeted solutions to guarantee the well-being of women,” says Prof. Omar Sefrioui, obstetrician-gynecologist, and director of the Women’s Clinic. “Cosmetology has established itself as a specialty on its own right, with a view to improving the aesthetic and functional aspect of the genital system,” he explains.

Vaginal rejuvenation, rebalancing of intimate disorders, vaginal dryness, chronic irritation, sexual discomfort, all of these find adequate solutions at Women’s Clinic. Filling the labia majora, re-inflating the G-spot, or even fighting incontinence through a simple injection of hyaluronic acids, autologous fat, laser treatment, etc. are all non-invasive practices that change the intimacy of couples.

To do this, Womens’ Clinic has equipped itself with two latest-generation lasers. The CO2 Laser, Cinosure. For medical and aesthetic use, this cutting-edge technology is aimed at all women of all ages and allows results to be obtained without pain and without a scalpel. It’s intended for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence, vaginal sagging, and vaginal dryness.