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‘Wiqaytna’: Imminent launch of the coronavirus exposure notification app

Written by FDM

The Moroccan application for the coronavirus exposure notification ‘Wiqaytna’ will have to be deployed as of next week after a phase of tests with 1000 employees of the OCP group for feedback on the user experience in real-time.

Developed voluntarily by a team of 40 people from different public and private sectors, based on the principles of collective intelligence, innovation, and flexibility, the ‘Wiqaytna’ app is part of the reinforcement of the contacts tracking system of Covid-19 confirmed cases, as Mohamed El Youbi, director of epidemiology and fight against diseases at the Ministry of Health said Monday, May 11 in Rabat. This IT solution, he said during the press conference, will manage contacts before symptoms appear, avoid complications and deaths, and limit the transmission of the virus to others and its spread in society.

Note that the application, yet to be launched online, will be available on the Android, IOS and Huawei stores, and must be downloaded voluntarily by the user. In this sense, the governor-director of computer systems and communication at the Ministry of the Interior, Abdelhak El Harrak who took part in this joint conference by videoconference recalled that all personal data (personal number, age, and the user’s city) which will be stored by the application will be deleted after the end of the pandemic.