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Winter Bliss Detox, a winter cure in Dakhla

Written by FDM

From January 28 to February 2, D.tox with love offers a program specially developed to lighten and boost our energy during the winter. This retreat is accessible to all and recommended as both a first experience and a maintenance detox.

Through this retreat, D.tox with love promises the gain of many benefits such as cell regeneration, energy boost, morale boost, skin radiance, digestion improvement, support for weight loss, strengthening of the immune system, and rejuvenation. Overall, it’s a purifying retreat in the middle of nature created by Sabine Chaloupy.

D.tox with love’s retreat consists of deep regeneration experience, in harmony with the physiology of each person, based on a raw and organic vegan diet, combined with adapted holistic activities. The program includes 100% raw meals based on fresh-squeezed juice or soups with the chef of L’Océan Vagabond Lassarga, Earthing, Sun gazing, Energetic awakening and conscious walking on the beach, Heartfulness meditation with Sabine, yoga with Kristy Jones.

In terms of workshops, Sabine Chaloupy offers sophrology around the theme “body awareness in harmony with living” as well as an introduction to aromatherapy for emotions. Also on the program workshops about smoothies & superfood, and micro nutrition: cellular nutrition.

Infos and reservation:
D.tox with love
Sabine +33 (0) 6 14 68 03 37