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Well-being, will soon be measured in Morocco

Written by FDM

Morocco will soon be a place where it is good to live. Indeed, consulting firm Valyans announced Tuesday, March 27, the launch of its index of regional well-being. The name, Valyans Regional Well-Being Index (VRWI).

This is a new index that has just appeared: Valyans Regional Well-Being Index (VRWI). Launched by the consulting firm Valyans, this index is a tool measuring the well-being of Moroccan citizens scattered throughout Morocco.

Why well-being? “The notions of well-being, happiness and social progress today are achieved through the satisfaction of various human needs, as well as the desire to pursue one’s own goals, to flourish and to feel contentment in one’s life.”  Valyans says in a statement.

The criteria of the retained satisfaction? They will be both material (income, employment, housing and basic services), and immaterial (human capital: health, education, social capital: security, social equality, access to information, and institutional capital: civil engagement).

The VRWI will thus be interested, not in the means implemented, but in the results seen on the citizen. But beware, the “scores” obtained are not absolute scores, as they will be ranked by regions, which will also shed light on the different areas of Morocco in relation to fundamental elements such as the well-being of Moroccans !