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A team of health and digital experts launch remote medical advice platform

Written by FDM

A team of connected health experts unveils the new AVIS MÉDICAL (medical advisory) service to combat misinformation, better inform and support users on a daily basis with informed, personalized, qualified medical advice focused on the patient/user ( Centric patient).

Health is a subject that concerns us all and that everyone wants / can talk about. But this interest brings about its share of “fake news”, and misinformation.

AVIS MÉDICAL offers medical advice to reassure and guide users whatever their doubts or health questions, through an immediate and secure response, expert medical advice or medical orientation, 365 days a year.

Within the framework of participatory solidarity in public health protection and anti-COVID-19 efforts, AVIS MÉDICAL is accessible free of charge to citizens until the official lifting of quarantine to which we are bound for our security.

“AVIS MÉDICAL is a platform that does not pretend to replace real medical consultation. Our doctors, in compliance with the law, do not issue a diagnosis or prescription. They guide and advise and provide simple, understandable answers, precise with the aim of support, comfort and a desire for clarification, to users on their pathologies, their therapeutic protocols or all types of doubts related to health “specifies Doctor Marouane Hakam, Medical Director of the platform.

The declared ambition of the doctors and teleconsultation professionals animating the AVIS MÉDICAL platform is to deliver professional advice based on a long practice of medicine and recognized expertise in e-health, in strict compliance with ethics and professional obligations. of the Kingdom’s medical profession.

AVIS MÉDICAL is available on: (24/7).