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Rabat participates in World Car-Free Day

Written by FDM

This is an important day! The YOUTH ASSOCIATION OF THE 21st CENTURY calls on the citizens of Rabat not to take their cars on Sunday, September 22nd, on the occasion of World Car-Free Day.

Pollution is omnipresent. Global warming worries so many of us. It is (finally) time to take action. This is the fight of the YOUTH OF THE 21st CENTURY Association which calls the citizens of Rabat to do without their vehicles from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday, September 22nd to participate, also, to the World Car-Free Day.

An action launched for the third time by the association under the theme “Rabat without my car” to promote collective awareness and the need to act against the nuisance generated by the growth of motorized traffic in urban areas. Concretely, on the d-day, a circuit predefined by the association and the local authorities of Rabat will have to be respected by all concerned, with the exception of the electric cars, the bicycles, and the vehicles of relief.

For the occasion, 20 volunteered signallers will also be mobilized and security staff strengthened.