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Personal and spiritual development at the 2nd edition of the Fen El Mizane Festival 

Written by FDM

The Fen El Mizane festival dedicated to personal and spiritual development returns for a second edition in Morocco from April 27 to 29 around the theme of “circle of universal wisdom”. Participants will experience moments combining diverse experiences with renowned speakers.

An awakening of consciousness  is proposed at the second edition of the Fen El Mizane Festival held at Lido Thalasso & Spa in Casablanca by Dome Concept. Concretely, coaches, wise of great spiritual traditions and people working in the awakening of consciousness, will be gathered in a common vision of sharing and communion.

Conferences, round tables and practices proposed by different currents and spiritual traditions represented will be held during the day. Whilst in evenings, participants will enjoy concerts of Iranian Sufi music, Buddhist songs, and Samaa Sufi.

The speakers include Georges lahi (Kabbalistic mysticism), Paule Salomon (Writer, philosopher and therapist), Sheik Amanoullah (Sufism), Venerable Sassana (Buddhism Theravadin), Father George (Bishop of the order of Hospitallers of Saint John) , Driss Benzouine (Yoga and Sufism) or Zniber Moundir (Love and Mindfulness). And as the organizers say in a statement, a prayer circle will open to the public and representatives of different currents and traditions at the end of the festival.