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Moroccan woman is the longest-suffering coronavirus patient in Britain

Written by FDM

This 35-year-old Moroccan, originally from Mohammedia, made headlines news in the British press on Sunday, July 19. Fatima is the “longest-suffering patient” from the coronavirus in the UK.

For Fatima Bridle, it is a dream to live again after her recovery from the Covid-19. “I would like to thank every one of the doctors and nurses who have given me a chance for a new life. I am happy to be here. It feels like a dream.” She told reporters.

Last March, after a one-month stay, this 35-year-old Moroccan woman, married to a British man, returned from Morocco with her husband. A few days after their return to the United Kingdom, they fell unwell.

If her husband got away with it after a few days, it was not the case for the Moroccan woman. Fatima was finally hospitalized for an incredible 130 days, 105 of which were under ventilator assistance and 40 days in a coma.

Currently, the Moroccan woman is recovering with consequences on one of her lungs. For Tracy, her husband, “this is a medical miracle”, for the doctors, “Fatima is quite simply a miracle who has come a long way.”