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Moroccan brand Madame Olympe offers ecologic alternative to pads and tampons

Written by FDM

A very young Moroccan brand, Madame Olympe, finally offers elegant and comfortable period panties that allow you to get through your period in a serene and environmentally friendly way.

Following an allergy to sanitary pads, Yasmin Benhamou, a former event manager, decided to launch the first range of 100% Moroccan period panties. “While looking for a solution to my problem, I said to myself that it was crazy that we are still putting on diapers in 2020! When I discovered period panties, I found the concept to be great, but they were nowhere to be found in Morocco. It made me decide to create my own brand. I carefully selected the best technical fabrics and carried out numerous prototypes and tests before being able to offer the panties that perfectly correspond to my vision: to offer all women an effective, elegant, and comfortable solution that is also more ecological ”, explains the founder of the brand. In November 2020, Gloria and Olympe, the first Madame Olympe models were born.

The brand pays homage to Olympe de Gouges, an 18th-century author and a great figure of the French Revolution, considered worldwide as one of the pioneers of feminism. While the name refers to a French woman, the design and production are indeed 100% Moroccan.

Externally, Madame Olympe panties look like pretty underwear. It is inside that everything is played out. Equipped with a unique technology developed by the brand, they quite simply replace the usual hygienic protection and can be worn for 12 hours in a row with complete peace of mind, unlike pads and tampons to be changed at least every 4 hours. In addition, the period panties are made to last over time (approximately 4 years).