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HCP survey: Women are overexposed to Covid-19

Written by FDM

Covid-19 impacts women more than men, according to preliminary results from the HCP Household Survey conducted in April and released on World Population Day, celebrated this year under the theme of protecting the rights and health of women and girls in the wake of this pandemic.

Women and men are unequally exposed to Covid-19, as shown by the HCP, which is based on the preliminary results of its survey conducted in April. “First of all, the over-representation of women in jobs related to health and care services overexposes them to the virus and increases, substantially, the risk of contamination. Women represent 58% of medical staff and 67% of paramedical staff (nurses and technicians)”, the Institute points out in a press release.

Another observation: confinement has had a strong impact on access to health services for women. According to HCP data, among households with women eligible for antenatal and postnatal consultations among their members, 30% had to renounce these services during the sanitary lockdown.

For the HCP, this crisis has further made female-headed households more precarious, also from the point of view of access to health care. In fact, no less than 47.5% of households headed by women did not access health services compared to 37.9% of households headed by a man. “Women and men are also exposed differently to the psychological effects of Covid-19, continues HCP.

If according to the Survey, the main consequences are sleep disorder, anxiety, fear, and obsessive behavior, it should be noted that female heads of household appear to be more affected by this psychological distress than their counterparts of men ”.