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First water birth in Morocco takes place in Safi

Written by FDM

The first ever “water birth” in Morocco took place on Wednesday April 11th in Safi, according to the doctor who performed the procedure.

The delivery lasted 30 minutes and required a water basin specially designed for this procedure, which is completely heated to maintain a temperature equal to that of the amniotic fluid sac of 37 degrees Celsius. The method is said to ease stress and pain during labour.


“The contractions started around midnight,” says Dr. Ghita Essouiti to HuffPost Morocco. “The expectant mother was two centimeters dilated but we had to wait until she was four centimeters to lie in the pool,” she says.

The lying position allowed the woman to be flexible in the water, to be able to touch the head of her baby as soon as he gets out of water. A gesture that motivated her and encouraged her to push further, according to the doctor. In a normal birthing position, the woman would not have been able to perform this gesture.

The baby came out of the mother’s womb “very easily” and “without a heat shock”. “He cried as soon as he put his head out of the water and the mother was even able to cut the umbilical cord herself,” says Ghita Essouiti.

According to Dr Essouiti “Patients have always been hesitant about trying this little-known method, particularly in a small city like Safi,” she added, “this [water birth] was the first in a Moroccan hospital.” The successful delivery her newborn in a birthing pool in the women’s clinic “Mère et Enfant Nour.”