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First successful vaginal cesarean section at Guercif Provincial Hospital

Written by FDM

A medical staff from the Guercif Provincial Hospital Center successfully completed a vaginal caesarean section on Thursday, the first of its kind in the province.

It’s a first! The surgery, which lasted for about an hour, was performed on a patient who delivered prematurely at five months following an obstruction of the cervix resulting in the death of the fetus, said the Ministry of Health in a statement relayed on Saturday by the MAP.

This operation, which was successfully carried out under the supervision of an obstetrician gynecologist together with a medical team and nurses from the hospital’s surgical complex and gynecology department, enabled the patient to avoid complications due to a normal caesarean section including bleeding, scarring and a reduction in the time of hospitalization, according to the same source.

On this occasion, the Regional Directorate of Santé de l’Oriental salutes the medical staff who conducted this operation, expressing gratitude to all the medical executives of the region for their efforts to guarantee health services to the inhabitants, notes the press release.