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Face mapping: what do your spots mean?

Written by FDM

Even mild acne can have multiple causes: inadequate nutrition, hormonal problems, stress, fatigue etc.. By observing the problem areas, it is possible to better identify them. Here is how!

“Face mapping” is a process which consists of cutting  the face into seven well-defined zones, in order to better understand the cause of punctual acne.

Spots on the forehead: Digestive System

Eat less processed or junk food, reduce the amount of fat in your diet, step up water intake and opt for cooling things like cucumbers.

Spots between the brows: Liver

Cut out the alcohol, greasy food and dairy. This is the zone where food allergies also show up first, so take a look at your ingredients. Besides all this, do 30 minutes of light exercise every day and get adequate sleep so your liver can rest.

Spots around the eyes: Kidneys

Anything around the eyes (including dark circles) point to dehydration. Drink up!

Spots on the nose: Heart

Check your blood pressure and Vitamin B levels. Decrease the intake of spicy or pungent food, cut down on meat and get more fresh air. Besides this, look into ways to lower cholesterol, like replacing “bad fats” with “good fats” such as Omegas 3 and 6 found in nuts, avocados, fish and flax seed. Also, since this area is chock-full of dilated pores, check that your makeup is not past its expiry date or is skin-clogging.

Spots on the cheeks: Respiratory system

The tops of the cheeks are linked to the lungs. Inhaling air pollution can contribute to this. Externally though, bacteria on the surface of your cell phone or sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can be big culprits.

Spots on the ears: Kidneys

Again, drink up! And cut down on aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol as these will cause further dehydration.

Spots on the chin: Hormones

This is the signature zone for stress and hormonal changes (also ovulating). You can decrease their effect by getting adequate sleep, drinking enough water, eating leafy veggies and keeping skin scrupulously clean.