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EmSculpt, Revolutionary Body Sculpting Procedure Without Surgery (Interview)

Written by FDM

Launched in the United States in 2018 and arrived in Morocco at the beginning of 2020, Emsculpt is presented as the only non-invasive process in the world which allows both muscle gain and fats reduction. Pr El Hassan Boukind, who introduced this method, tells us more about this revolutionary technique.

Who is this technique for to sculpt and tone your body?
EmSculpt is indicated whenever you want to increase muscle mass while reducing fat. The method is suitable for all ages, from 18 years old. This technique does not claim to treat obesity, all anatomical regions can be targeted, in particular the abdomen, buttocks (for this anatomical region, EmSculpt is the only technique that develops muscles and not fat. ), arms, thighs, and legs.

Three months of abs in one session: how does it work?
Effectively, a 30-minute session and the equivalent of 20,000 squats. EmSculpt uses electromagnetic waves as they are used in MRI scans it will cause supramaximal muscle contractions in normal sports activities, no matter how’s the athlete’s endurance,  they cannot achieve these contractions so that’s why a 30-minute session is the equivalent of three months of high-performance sport, and a six-session series is the equivalent of two years of high-performance sport.

How does an EmSculpt session work?
After the clinical examination to detect possible contraindications, pictures, and measurements of the patient are taken, who is then settled after having undressed the area to be treated. Metal objects and the telephone are prohibited, as is done for an MRI examination. The highly focused electromagnetic energy is then directed to the areas to be treated and the session starts smoothly. We start with 20% power and increase until reaching 100% power. The machine’s program includes periods of contraction and relaxation. The session lasts 30 minutes to be repeated 2 or 3 days apart.

What about the obtained results?
The results of EmSculpt start to be felt from the third session, and the maximum results obtained one month after the sixth session. The result of EmSculpt is an increase in muscle size and tone in the treated area, a decrease in fat. This is the same effect obtained after doing intense physical exercise.

How many sessions are needed to get the best results and what to do to preserve them?
The manufacturer recommends four sessions two days apart with a maintenance session every six months. For our part, we offer 6 sessions. And to keep this good result and maintain it, you have to practice physical activity, have a healthy lifestyle, and do maintenance sessions from time to time

 Are there any contraindications?
The contraindications are the same as the MRI, therefore patients with pacemaker or metal implants, except osteosynthesis material and orthopedic prostheses, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

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