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Does breast cancer-detecting bra really exist?

Written by FDM

A high schooler from Mexico came up with this amazing idea about a bra that helps in early detection of breast cancer.

While the best way to cure breast cancer remains the early detection, and monthly self-exams, identifying symptoms and signs can sometimes be challenging and inaccurate if you are not fully aware of the changes that may occur.

Drawing inspiration from his mother-who lost both breasts to the disease- Julian Rios Cantu was determined to find a better mean to early detection. His solution involves adding technology to a piece of clothing worn by women everyday.

A bra dubbed “Eva bra” is supposedly the solution. According to Cantu, his product, made by him and his three friends, uses biosensors to map the surface of the breast and monitor the changes in temperature, size, and weight. All of which logged  in an app. The user could the be alerted to any disturbing changes.

Women using the bra would need to wear it for 60-90 minutes a week to get accurate measurements.

Julian Rios Cantu presented this new project in Global Student Entrepreneur Awards and won the top prize. Their company, Higia Technologies, beat young entrepreneurs from around the world to win $20,000 (MAD 198,867) to develop their idea.