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Diet to overcome thirst in Ramadan

Written by FDM

Ramadan in summer brings a lot of thirst while fasting. The days are very long and the weather is not so friendly either. You have to go to work and do your daily activities  as any other month and sometimes you cannot avoid losing a lot of body fluids throughout the day.

But there are things to pay attention to in your diet that might help you control the thirst while fasting. There are some types of food that you need to avoid eating and other you need to eat on Suhoor.

  • Avoid eating spicy food and strongly flavored foods because this kind of food would make you want to drink more water and thirsty while Fasting.
  • Try drinking more water after Iftar but in small portions so that you would not fill your stomach in a disturbing way.
  • Try eating fresh food, vegetables and fruits at night and in Suhoor as they already contain water from within that would help your body get the water it need during the day.
  • Try eating food that has fiber because it would stay longer in your Valves hence less hunger feeling.
  • Avoid adding a lot of salt/ or sugar on your food because this will increase the feeling of thirst.
  • Avoid drinking soft drinks as they contain immense amount of sugar and sodium that may  increase the feeling of thirst.

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