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Covid-19: the vaccination campaign could start on December 4

Written by FDM

Morocco could launch a vast vaccination campaign against Covid-19 on December 4. Roughly 200,000 vaccinations will be performed daily in 2,889 public hospitals, field hospitals, and health centers in Morocco.

Scheduled for mid-December, the vaccination campaign could start a little earlier, even if the announcement has still not been made officially. The first information available indicates a 12-week campaign.

The first phase of this operation will concern health professionals, people with strategic functions such as the Royal Armed Forces, the Ministry of the Interior and Civil Protection, people aged 45 and over, and people suffering from chronic and immune diseases.

A second and third phase will target people aged between18 and 44. In total, 80% of the population will be vaccinated, however, the authorities specify that vaccination will not be compulsory. Also, and to carry out this operation, 2,888 anti-Covid vaccination stations have been set up.
Note that vaccination is restricted to people who are Covid-19 negative, don’t have severe flu or chronic respiratory diseases at the time of vaccination.