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Coronavirus: Moroccans repatriated from Wuhan are in “good condition” said the Ministry of Health

Written by FDM

The Ministry of Health said on Sunday that the operation to repatriate Moroccans from the Chinese city of Wuhan took place in good conditions, noting that these nationals, 167 in total, “are in a good state”.

In a press release, the ministry specified that the repatriated people were received at the hospital of Sidi Said of Meknes and Rabat’s military hospital Mohammed V where they will be put under meticulous medical surveillance for 20 days, under the supervision of dedicated and trained medical teams. They will also benefit from screening as soon as possible.

The same source indicates, moreover, that the families of the repatriated nationals who do not know the destination of their relatives are asked to contact the economic telephone number “Allo Veille” (0801 004 747).

The ministry also noted that it will continue to inform national public opinion on a regular basis of the latest developments in the health status of these returnees as well as developments in the epidemiological situation linked to this global emergency.

On Sunday, February 2nd, a special Royal Air Maroc flight carrying Moroccans from Wuhan landed at Benslimane airport, with 167 passengers on board, including 52 women.