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Blood donation: The national caravan has exceeded the target

Written by FDM

Moroccans are no longer reluctant to donate their blood. The recent national campaign led by the Ministry of Health, from February 19 to March 25, states that the number of donors has reached 47,161, far exceeding the initial target of 37,100 blood bags, said the minister of health Anass Doukkali.

According to a statement from the Ministry of health published on April 17, it is the region of Greater Casablanca which unsurprisingly accounts for the largest number of donors (11,090), followed by that of Rabat (9022), Marrakech (5248), Fez (4096), Oujda (3426), Agadir (3229) and Tangier (2675). Thus, the national level of the safety stock is 13,838 blood bags, which corresponds to the need of 18 days.

The Minister Anass Doukkali has also greeted all the citizens who were numerous to answer the call by donating their blood to save the lives of patients for the nobility of their initiative and their sense of humanism and solidarity.

As a reminder, this campaign goes in alignment with the instructions of King Mohammed VI, calling on all citizens to show solidarity and generosity in general and blood donation in particular to meet the needs in terms of reserve and palliate the lack of blood bags.

(With MAP).