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A blood test that predicts breast cancer will be available soon

Written by Souad El Mghari

According to researchers from the University of Copenhagen, a blood test will be available starting this summer, which will be able to predict if a woman is going to develop breast cancer.

In addition to detecting signs of breast cancer, this break-through blood test is supposed to predict any development of the illness years in advance, unlike the current tests that can only detect cancerous tumors once they have grown. In other words, not only does this technique foresee any breast cancer signs, but it also helps those at risk to lower the odds of suffering from it.

With an accuracy that could reach up to 80%, this test known as “Liquid biopsy” can also help doctors prescribe the right treatment for their patients, rather than having them go through trial methods. However, as advanced as it is said to be, this blood test won’t replace existing techniques (as mammograms) to detect breast cancer, and will actually be an additional tool to prevent it.