Lebanese food will be served at the Namaskar in Marrakech

From June 1st to the 30th of September, the luxurious Palais Namaskar will host a temporary Lebanese restaurant, run by the famous Chef Fadi Al Ajami.

Al-Ajami, one of the most prominent references of Lebabnese cuisine, will be treating the visitors of Palais Namaskar to some Middle Eastern classic dishes, through the temporary restaurant “Marhaba”.

Open every day of the week at 7pm, the customers will be able to enjoy a substantial menu, made of mezze, kababs, Kafta, Mechoui, and other Chef Fadi Al Ajami’s recipes. Not to forget, for the people with a sweet tooth, a rich selection of desserts, including the famous « Muhalabia »; a succulent Lebanese pudding, and the « Baklawa »; one of the numerous Middle Easter sweets.