Morocco is slowly becoming a preferred destination for college tourists

Written by Souad El Mghari

More than a regular tourist destination, Morocco has been attracting lately a very specific kind of visitors; college tourists. Aside from the very few who make the choice to study, at least for a semester in the North African country, more and more college students make the conscious decision to travel to Morocco, even for just a few days in order to take advantage of the rich culture and history of the Kingdom.

Something that the Huff Post has noticed, and made it a point to highlight in one of its recent articles titled “10 Reasons Why Morocco Is Great for Every College Tourist”, it is thanks to the “mixture of cultures both east and west, modern and traditional” that according to its writer makes Morocco such an attractive destination for college tourists from different parts of the world.

To be more specific, the article details all the aspects and characteristics that make Morocco and its culture such an enriching must-see for college tourists.
· Affordability: A college student is often on a budget, especially when it comes to travelling, However, Morocco has always been considered affordable for all types of budgets.
· Food: Moroccan cuisine and its rich flavors has become one of the most sought after in the world.
· The Vast Landscape: “From the snowcapped High Atlas Mountains, to the Sahara Desert”, and its world-famous beaches, Morocco’s diversity of geography is one more appealing aspect.
· Enriched History: “Deeply engrained in its history, Morocco is home to various excavation sites, ruins, and rich Islamic architecture”, explained the Huff Post.
· Hospitality: Morocco’s hospitality is no legend.
· Transportation: Morocco has various modes of transportation to get around.
· Hammams: Often described as a Moroccan beauty secret, Moroccan hammams have always been widely famous for their relaxing benefits.
· Souvenirs Galore: With all the bazaars and souks in Morocco, it is mission impossible not to find unique and local souvenirs to take back home.
· Medinas: As much as Morocco is becoming more and more modern, even in its architecture and infrastructure, it has still managed to preserve its medinas (old cities) and authenticity.
· Weather: When we mention Morocco’s warmth we are not only referring to its people, but its weather year-around, as well.