Moroccan Myriam Adnani, the first ever Muslim pilot in Europe

Written by Souad El Mghari

Only 23 years old, yet Myriam Adnani a Dutch of Moroccan origins has achieved big. As of today, she is the first and only Muslim female pilot in Europe.

“After almost 2 years I have completed the entire course to become a commercial pilot. From theory in Hoofddorp to flying in the US and Belgium, and the last course on the Boeing 737. I'm feeling so happy and blessed!!” is what Myriam published on her social media page after the completion of her trainings.

Originally from Oujda in Morocco, the young woman was born in the Netherlands in 1991. Following her studies, Myriam went through an intense training at the CAE NLS Oxford Aviation Global Academy in Amsterdam, from which she graduated and is today ready to work as a professional commercial pilot.