Gad Elmaleh on a mission to conquer the US

Written by Souad El Mghari

Gad Elmaleh needs no introduction, neither here in Morocco, nor in France, or even Canada, however the US is yet to get to know the amazing comedian that he is. So, to remedy to that, in the last few months, the hilarious Gad has become a man in a mission; working extra hard to conquer and seduce the American audiences.

Seeing all the attention than it has been given by the American media, we can safely say that “Oh My Gad” is probably both the show and ticket that will get Gad Elmaleh into the very sought-after world of stand-up comedy in the US.

Always been impressed by American comedians, especially his idol and inspiration Jerry Seinfeld, the Morocco-born entertainer has taken this year the brave leap of faith of leaving behind the fame and success that he has already achieved in France and the francophone region, and conquer a new territory; the US.

“My dream is to be able one day to go on stage in English in a comedy club here (US) and to do my thing in English” said Gad in an interview, ahead of his show that opened this month in New York City. Even though his English has always been descent, thanks to his education and the fact that he has lived in Canada for a while, Elmaleh realized that he would have to work further on his fluency. Not only that, but after a first trial in front of an American audience, and the advice of some of his famous American contemporaries, the established French comedian also found out that he had to start the writing and preparation of his shows from scratch, rather than translating his existing ones.

A task that he has accomplished by creating some new material, and injecting in his debut English show a few funny observations about his move to New York City, American culture, and his on-going journey of learning English.

These days making the rounds of major American TV shows (video below) to promote his stand-up act, and with the positive response he has been getting, maybe Gad Elmaleh will be following on the footsteps of his comedian model in his own territory; Jerry Seinfeld.

But one thing is for sure, no matter where he is or what new adventure he has embarked in, Elmaleh never forgets his Moroccan origins and his Moroccan fans. In that sense, just recently on his latest Instagram post, he wrote “Good morning America. Have a wonderful day. Bonne journée la France. And all my love to my home country Morocco”.

Getting ready for @latenightseth #americandream

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Don't miss @latenightseth Tonight!!!?? Thank you @sethmeyers for having me on this amazing show.So much fun??#joespubnyc

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Totally embracing the American culture.Cant wait for the show tonight #Northampton #ustour2015

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I am definitely in NYC ?

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NYC?? #joespub #englishow

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