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Youssef Chreiba launches a new 100% Moroccan Instagram filter

Written by FDM

During the lockdown, the Moroccan model and designer Youssef Chreiba created a new filter on Instagram in the shape of a Moroccan flag mask.

Since its launch on Instagram, this filter has been a huge success. It has also been tested by a large number of Moroccan stars, inside and outside the country, namely Hatim Ammor, Asmaa Lamnawar, or the designer resident in Los Angeles Hishem Benslimane.

Youssef Chriba confirmed that the idea of designing a mask representing the Moroccan flag will encourage Moroccan citizens to wear masks in public since it will remain compulsory even after the lockdown and health emergency measures are eased from Thursday, June 25.

This is not the designer’s first try at Instagram filters; since he has already implemented a “Barbie Freaks” mask filter which was selected and added by the management of the Instagram platform to all the pre-existing filters on this app. The “Barbie Freaks” filter has been tested by around 200 million users worldwide.

Youssef Chreiba had the opportunity to collaborate with several designers and famous brands at the national and international level and notably walked for the following brands: Theroyalsparis, Max ReneDenmark, Wachma Couture, Bisilio, Timepieces, Bilal Romeo or Willy Thomas. He also worked alongside a major mobile phone brand for the benefit of the 2019 African Cup of Nations promotional campaign with the participation of great Egyptian stars. He is currently preparing to launch his own ready-to-wear brand.