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Wall Street Journal’s fashion shoot in Chefchaouen

Written by FDM

Chefchaouen was home for the latest couture shoot by Wall Street Journal magazine for its 2017 November issue.

“Vivid hues and dramatic shapes take on a dreamlike quality against the striking blue walls of Chefchaouen, Morocco.” That’s how the Wall Street Journal magazine explained the choice of this city.

Publié par Haute Couture Week sur jeudi 26 octobre 2017

Indeed, the sharp styling by Anastasia Barbieri utilizing pieces from Armani, Schiaparelli or Dior gives a fashion dimension to this quiet and relaxing city. Also the model photographed by Vivianne Sassen shined in contrast against the blue walls of the city.

Chefchaouen has always attracted fashion enthusiasts from different corners of the world for advertising campaigns or shootings. In October 2016, It was Chanel’s shooting destination for their new collection, and in August 2015, Jacob Cohen shot his Fall-Winter collection in the blue city as as well.