Underwraps: first agency to prove models can be modest

Written by FDM

Modesty is certainly a term that has been newly introduced in the fashion and beauty industries.

Long before Halima Aden became a renowned hijab-wearing model under IMG Models, modest fashion was exclusive to some agencies like “Underwraps”, the first Muslim and modest female modeling agency.

Indeed, beauty comes in all sizes, ages, skin tones, and religious preferences. That is why former stylist and designer Nailah Lymus from Brooklyn, NY, founded Underwraps. The world’s first Muslim modeling agency, whose goal is to help and represent woman who want to model modestly while adhering to Islamic guidelines.

Lymus’s agency started in 2013, just about the time modest fashion started to boom. It has helped place Muslim women (as well as women who don’t practice Islam but prefer modest dress) on the pages of The New Yorker and Vogue. While it hasn’t always been easy, she’s finally seeing her hard work pay off after four years.

There is a lot of attention on Muslim women wearing hijabs [right now],” she relayed to refinery29. “We’re seeing covered women in articles, magazines, campaigns, and ads. That’s had a huge, positive impact on the business.”

Underwraps represents now 10 women, five who are Muslim and five of whom are of different faiths but prefer modest clothing. Her models have been hired for photo shoots, more recently one from sports brand Nike, for shows during New York Fashion Week and for events like New Jersey’s Hijab Fest.