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“TRACES”, intimate jewelry collection signed by Rhita Benjelloun

Written by FDM

“Traces” is Rhita Benjelloun’s newest jewelry collection. The founder of Rhita Creations wishes to travel back in time with us with an elegant ode to childhood.

Rhita Benjelloun’s “TRACES” is a collection in complete intimacy, inspired by her grandmother who transmitted to her ” the love of jewelry and detail through the work of embroidery “, as she describes it.

After “Tattoo”, “Enchantress” and “Touareg”, the designer has thus created jewelry with identical geometric patterns on each side, thus referring to the patterns of the embroidery of Fez known as “Terz del ghorza”. “Each piece of jewelry is handmade in our workshop and cut with precision down to the smallest detail to obtain precise and fine metalwork, reminiscent of the magnificent embroidery of Fez», she insisted.

Jewels also baptized by pretty first names such as the Leila ring, the Kenza hoops, the Aicha and Touria earrings, the Malika and Maria adjustable long necklace, or the Bouchra and Touria medallion. “  925 silver jewelry is generally intended to be imposing and thick, we have worked in such a way as to obtain a unique and singular finesse and precision of the metal.” She concluded.