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Sumaiya Merchant’s new collection presented in Casablanca 

Written by FDM

Indian designer Sumaiya Merchant is presenting, for the first time, her creations in Morocco. Private sales are scheduled for November 22 and 23 at Kaïmé in Casablanca.

Her collections brew different styles and cultures. Her approach rhymes with ethics. In short, her line is unique. The Indian designer Sumaiya Merchant is presenting, for the first time in Morocco, her clothing line. It will be exhibited on November 22 and 23 at the Kaïmé boutique in Casablanca.

The name Sumaiya Merchant may not be recognizable, but her collection, as well as her approach,  is nothing short of stunning. Sumaiya Merchant made her debut in the performing arts community in India. In particular, she was the winner of the prestigious 2017 New Delhi Meta Awards for best theater costume, before her career took another turn a dozen years ago.

At that time, she left India for France and married a Tunisian musician Imed Alibi currently present in Morocco for the Visa For Music festival organized from 20 to 23 November.  With her pencil, she thus creates an eclectic style. Her creations got acknowledged and were noticeably successful, whether in London, Tunis or Paris.

Sumaiya Merchant’s vision of preserving the traditions and the know-how of the craftsmen, while linking fashion and sustainable development is admirable. The result is simply splendid.

The new Winter 2019-2020 creations presented at Kaïmé are notably made with cotton and handmade silk, from India and Tunisia. Head over there to discover, to try and to definitely to adopt!

Kaïmé, Angle Street Abu Said Soussi and Aïn Chifa Street, Burgundy, Casablanca