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Somaya Akbib, the Moroccan designer behind the “Spanish Arab Fashion Madrid 2018”

Written by FDM

Moroccan designer based in Spain, Somaya Akbib, sets herself on a new challenge: Organize a fashion event that allows the meeting of East and West in the heart of Madrid, in the VIP room of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Map reported.

The event, scheduled for May 3 and 4, will be titled “Spanish Arab Fashion Madrid 2018” (SPAR) and is an international cultural and tourist meeting bringing together stylists and personalities from Spain, Morocco and the Arab world.

Somaya Akbib is a Moroccan designer who, by dint of learning, work and perseverance, has managed to grow her talent and find a place in the demanding world of wedding dresses in the Spanish capital.

Somaya Akbib, 32 year-old, is from Tangier based in Madrid, Spain. This woman launched her brand Somaya Novias five years ago. She has a shop in the high-end Salamanca district of Madrid, where  she is delighted to receive customers with refined taste, who are often pleasantly surprised to find dresses and clothes with a Moroccan touch.

“These are accessories and wedding outfits punctuated with Moroccan touches,” she describes her creations before confessing that “we never forget where we come from “. And it shows in her store too. “I have a corner where I invite my clients to drink tea and eat sweets as soon as they come in”. Every month, she organizes events in her shop where she introduces Moroccan culture, or the mix between European and Moroccan cultures.

In her creations, Somaya focuses on lightness. So she sets her sights on soft fabrics like natural silk. Little by little, she has made a name for herself in Spain. She made an appearance in the well-known show “Salvame deluxe” on Telecinco. Other events in which she participated: the Pasarela International Dubai Sultana and that of Spain. Spanish TV stars Belen Esteban and Monica Martinez have also decided to wear some of her creations.

She also promoted her “moroccan touch” at events like the “Pasarela Espanola Fashion Week” on April 9th, and worked with English and Italian clients. In terms of recognition, the designer received last year the Image Gold Medal, awarded by the Spanish Association of Image Professionals and the Community (Region) of Madrid, in addition to being part of of the jury of the Miss Spain contest.

Just enough to embark on a new experience of her own with this upcoming “Spanish Arab Fashion Madrid 2018” .