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Shanghai Fashion Week: 14-year-old model died from “exhaustion”

Written by FDM

A Chinese modeling agency denied on Monday having overworked a 14-year-old Russian teenager who died a few days after taking part in Shanghai Fashion Week.

The death of the girl, on Friday, in a Chinese hospital has rekindled the debate on working conditions of foreign models in China, many of whom come from Russia.

Vlada Dzyuba began to feel dizzy last Tuesday. She was taken to the hospital the next day, but her health deteriorated rapidly. The Russian newspaper The Siberian Times claims that the girl died of meningitis, compounded by severe exhaustion. Vlada’s mother reportedly told NTV television: ” She kept telling me,” Mom, I’m so tired.I want to sleep so much . ”

“If her meningitis had been taken in time and treated earlier, the young woman could have been saved. But Vlada was forced to continue strolling for Asian designers. As she waited for her next walk, her temperature suddenly increased. A few minutes later, she collapsed, and fell into a coma. The young model was taken to the hospital but died two days later, “says The Siberian Times.

“We feel sorry that we lost an angel,” ESEE Model Management said in a statement this week. The Shanghai-based agency further pointed out that Shanghai Fashion Week ended on October 18, and Dzyuba became ill six days later, while on another assignment.

ESEE General Manager Zheng Yi told the official Global Times newspaper that the young woman worked eight hours a day, in full compliance with Chinese regulations. “Dzyuba had 16 different jobs during her two-month stay in China, she had regular breaks while working,” Zheng stated on Sunday. “Most of her work was completed within eight hours. Her workload was moderate compared with other models.”