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‘Royal legacy’: Moroccan brand in Beverly hills 

Written by FDM

Hicham Benslimane and Majida Housni, two Moroccan designers, launch their first collection ‘ Royal Legacy’ in Beverly Hills, USA.

They first met in the fashion capital, Paris, where they took designing classes together. Hicham Benslimane and Majida Housni began working designer in France, before flying to Miami and Los Angeles. After seven years in fashion and business, the two Moroccans decided to open their own shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and are preparing to launch their very first collection that will charm the buyers, rather famous, According to New Los Angeles .

” The Arab style is one that has existed for hundreds of years ,” explained the two creators. “Design represents earlier ideologies even before the emergence of religions, and we want to make sure that everyone, including celebrities, discover our mysterious and elegant Arabic style”.

Their collection combines fashion and prêt-à-porter items. A definitely trendy suit signed by the couple that never goes unnoticed in Beverly Hills, according to the American media.