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Poster campaign in Canada highlights Moroccan Caftan among offensive Halloween costumes

Written by FDM

 While millions of people are looking for an original concept for their upcoming Halloween costumes, students at a Canadian university have a clear idea of what not to wear: the traditional clothes of their respective cultures.

At the University of Windsor, a group of students launched a poster campaign asking the public to ditch the offensive costumes this Halloween that are supposed to represent a foreign culture.

Among the young people who took part in this campaign, we find Aicha Hassani, who is furious to see students wearing a traditional Moroccan outfit, like the Caftan, at a disguised party.

While Aicha says she would have loved to celebrate the culinary heritage and traditions of Morocco, she does not see why a Caftan aligns with a disguise of Shrek. Hassani said she wants people to understand that the traditional dress she’s wearing isn’t appropriate for someone to wear as a Halloween costume.

“The dress, when you wear it – you’re putting it next to a Shrek dress,” said Hassani relayed by the Canadian channel CBC news. “This is not like a Shrek dress.”

Other students testified, like Destiney Soney, who has watched people walk around on Halloween dressed as a stereotype of her Indigenous heritage. “It’s really disheartening to see it,” said Soney, “We’re not a costume, we’re a people, we’re a race, We’re more than just a joke you can play once a year.”

This is not a first in a North American university. In 2011, students from Ohio University had launched a similar campaign to denounce the costumes considered racist, as reported by American HuffPost.