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Nike’s Pro Hijab is finally up for sale

Written by FDM

A year after news of a Hijab designed for athletes by Nike broke out, the brand’s first ever sport hijab has been launched on Friday, December 1.

To develop this attire, the American brand has collaborated with many athletic Muslim figures such as first Emirati competitive figure skater Zahra Lari, American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and Egyptian runner Manal Rostom.

As the brand explained in its statement, this hijab adapted to high performance sports meets a real demand. “Nike’s designers then began to look at creating a prototype, which they sent to several athletes to try out in their respective sports,” Nike stated.

Athletes were then asked to give feedback and comment on the product and most of them said they wanted a lighter, softer and more breathable garment. Once developed, the sails were tested by the now elite Nike athletes.

Available since Friday, the “Nike Pro Hijab” is on sale for MAD 459.  For the moment, the product is only available in the black, others colors such as white and gray will follow early 2018.